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I was raised by a culture that you can see in photos and in some of my art completed for clients to the right....



I have the vision and skills, with education to create any project you need completed.

Yoga in Nature
Pilates Studio


: 2D & 3D Illustrations

: Digital Illustrations

: Vector Art & Designs

: Graphic Designs, 2D & 3D

: Drawn & Painted in Watercolor

: Drawn & Painted in Acrylics, etc.

: Pencil Sketches, Pen & Ink,

: Stipple/Hedcut, Charcoal

: Hand Drawn Art/illustrations and Designs

: Create Your Original Copyright/Brand Trademark

: Design- Layout-Formatting-Covers that also can Include Art or Photos

: Branding, Logos

: Black & White Illustrations for Novels, etc.

: Character Creation

: Comic Art, Cartoon, Realism, and all Art Styles

: Page Design, Cover Design

: Advertising Design

: Character Creation

: Realistic Painting

: Designs for Clothing to Interiors

: Proofreading, Copyediting

: ETC..................

lester-casio-rN1mvk8-saE-unsplash__ Sleeping Dinosaur Island, Mati, Davao City, Philippine
Coral Reef Island


I can complete your project on a timeline.




(1) Trade School for Advertising Design and Illustration - SCROC, Southern California's Regional Occupational        Center in Torrance, California.

(2)  Cartooning - SCROC, Southern California's Regional Occupational Center in Torrance, California.

(3)  El Camino College in Torrance/Hawthorne, California - Watercolor Art Class and Oil/Acrylic Painting, etc.    (4) Los Angeles Harbor College, CA - Honor's Course, 17 Units of all honors classes, ( Honor's Student)

(5) Palos Verdes Art Center, CA

(6) Mira Costa High School - Manhattan Beach, CA (I attained straights A's and Perfect attendance my senior        year in High School.

(7) Hermosa valley Middle school and Valley Vista school in Hermosa Beach, CA. (Honor's Student)

Related Work Experience:

(1) Arts and Crafts Director for Pacific Palisades and Malibu YMCA in CA.

(2) Murals by May Art - Amy Koch Johnson


Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Branding, Fine Arts, Page Layout, Formatting
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