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I have the vision and skills, with education to create any project you need completed.

Yoga in Nature
Pilates Studio


: 2D & 3D Illustrations

: Digital Illustrations

: Vector Art & Designs

: Graphic Designs, 2D & 3D

: Drawn & Painted in Watercolor

: Drawn & Painted in Acrylics, etc.

: Pencil Sketches, Pen & Ink,

  Stipple/Hedcut, Charcoal

: Hand Drawn Art/illustrations and Designs

: Create Your Original Copyright/Brand Trademark

: Design- Layout-Formatting-Covers that also can Include Art or Photos

: Branding, Logos

: Black & White Illustrations for Novels, etc.

: Character Creation

: Comic Art, Cartoon, Realism, and all Art Styles

: Proofreading, Copyediting

Layout and Formatting

lester-casio-rN1mvk8-saE-unsplash__ Sleeping Dinosaur Island, Mati, Davao City, Philippine
Coral Reef Island


I can complete your project on a timeline.


I was raised by a culture that you can see in photos and in my art completed for clients to the right....



Attending college:

(1) Trade School for Advertising Design and Illustration - SCROC, Southern California's Regional Occupational   Center in Torrance, California.

(2)  Cartooning - SCROC, Southern California's Regional Occupational Center in Torrance, California.

(3)  El Camino College in Torrance/Hawthorne, California - Watercolor Art Class and Oil/Acrylic Painting, etc.    (4) Los Angeles Harbor College - Started in a summer course and my English 101 teacher thought that I      completed EXCEPTIONAL schoolwork and went to the Dean and Offices of the school and asked if they would invite me into their Honor's Course, and this meant I would have to become MORE THAN a Full-Time student and take 17 Units of all honors classes. I accept this offer even though I had three young sons and worked full time as a waitress at a Fish Market Restaurant on the Redondo Beach Pier. Now I was an honor's student taking all honor's classes and art classes were not part of the honor's curriculum.


As an honor's student taking 17 Units, I had to have at least straight A-'s in every class and complete the honor's schoolwork curriculum and I did; SUCCESSFULLY, plus worked 5 days a week at the Fishmarket and still had time to take my sons to the park, go swimming, etc. I was invited into UCLA honor's program also, but Los Angeles Harbor College's Career Center asked if they could test my natural vocational skills with 15 to 20 different tests and I accepted, and they found out that I had an IQ that only 1% of this Countries USA has and it is an Artist, English Professor, and Psychologist, Intelligence Quotient. I was recommended to pursue a career as an English Professor at a college level, or a Psychologist, or as an Artist in one of the Art Vocations.


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