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My mission is to help you complete your project with the look and impression you want to give. 


I have the vision and skills, with education to create any project you need completed.

Studio Apartment
Rustic Beach Path
Pilates Studio


: 2D & 3D Illustrations

: Digital Illustrations

: Vector Art & Designs

: Graphic Designs, 2D & 3D

: Drawn & Painted in Watercolor

: Drawn & Painted in Acrylics, etc.

: Pencil Sketches, Pen & Ink,

  Stipple/Hedcut, Charcoal

: Hand Drawn Art/illustrations and Designs

: Create Your Original Copyright/Brand Trademark

: Design- Layout-Formatting-Covers that also can Include Art or Photos

: Branding, Logos

: Black & White Illustrations for Novels, etc.

: Character Creation

: Comic Art, Cartoon, Realism, and all Art Styles

: Proofreading, Copyediting

Layout and Formatting

I complete Book Formatting, Page Layout and Design with Covers, for print paperback and hardcover publishing, e-publishing, (Kindle), and more.


Plus, formatting for page layout and design with covers for downloadable PDF files for print and electronic use (emailing customer base, marketing), PowerPoint Presentations, and Document files (you can market), etc. I like creating designs that advertise to a client’s specifications while sharing with you a variety of conservative to whimsical ideas that sell your businesses or what you are marketing, etc.



That tests your level of English Grammar/Vocabulary. My test results were: Thank you for completing the English Level Test: Congratulations! Your level is C2 (advanced/mastery). This is approximately equivalent to CPE, an IELTS band score of 9 or 120 at TOEFL iBT. Time taken: 8 minutes, 47 seconds. C2 Proficiency is the highest-level qualification provided by Cambridge Assessment English and shows that learners have mastered English to an exceptional level. It is focused on Level C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). C2 Proficiency is one of the examinations in Cambridge English Qualifications – a path for improving language skills. Each Cambridge English Qualification targets a particular level of the CEFR and they work together to create an effective learning journey. People who were awarded the C2 Proficiency certificate were legally allowed to teach in exchange for money. Namely, this certificate gave people the option to become instructors in Private Course Institutions.


I can complete your project on a timeline.

Community Kitchen Garden
Concert Hall

HOW I WORK on a Cross-Functional Team?

Challenge No. 1: Communication what is going on? = Have our work description in writing and in a project plan (if applicable), that I sign.

Challenge No. 2: Communication and frustrations - worries = Give revisions with ease and communicate to you always in a kindly manner, give you updates and let you know my agenda.

Challenge No. 3: Communication Breakdowns = Create your ideas and work as hard as I can on your project to ensure customer satisfaction. Revise anything to your specifications.

HOW I WORK on a Cross-Functional Team?

Challenge No. 4: Waste Time = You can write to me, and I respond that day.  Plus, Work from a Timeline.

Challenge No. 5: Hero Posturing = I try to be your hero with YOU as we work as a team. I have my clients write out what they want, I give them samples, I revise their work and fulfill their expectations.

Minimal Office


Attending college:

(1) Trade School for Advertising Design and Illustration - SCROC, Southern California's Regional Occupational   Center in Torrance, California.

(2)  Cartooning - SCROC, Southern California's Regional Occupational Center in Torrance, California.

(3)  El Camino College in Torrance/Hawthorne, California - Watercolor Art Class and Oil/Acrylic Painting, etc.    (4) Los Angeles Harbor College - Started in a summer course and my English 101 teacher thought that I      completed EXCEPTIONAL schoolwork and went to the Dean and Offices of the school and asked if they would invite me into their Honor's Course, and this meant I would have to become MORE THAN a Full-Time student and take 17 Units of all honors classes. I accept this offer even though I had three young sons and worked full time as a waitress at a Fish Market Restaurant on the Redondo Beach Pier. Now I was an honor's student taking all honor's classes and art classes were not part of the honor's curriculum.


As an honor's student taking 17 Units, I had to have at least straight A-'s in every class and complete the honor's schoolwork curriculum and I did; SUCCESSFULLY, plus worked 5 days a week at the Fishmarket and still had time to take my sons to the park, go swimming, etc. I was invited into UCLA honor's program also, but Los Angeles Harbor College's Career Center asked if they could test my natural vocational skills with 15 to 20 different tests and I accepted, and they found out that I had an IQ that only 1% of this Countries USA has and it is an Artist, English Professor, and Psychologist, Intelligence Quotient. I was recommended to pursue a career as an English Professor at a college level, or a Psychologist, or as an Artist in one of the Art Vocations.


So Publishing is a good fit for me.  I am not a genius and only a gifted person who was a good, solid student because I was raised by Japanese - Hawaiian Parents who instilled in me - HOW - TO - WORK with disciple after earning it (and earning it was not a easy). And I am thankful every day to my Hawaiian Japanese father Stephen David Esau Kekuewa, his Parents and Siblings, and his children my half brother and sister. I am the mother of four children and grew up in Hermosa Beach, California, and went to Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, CA. 

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