I have always been a freelancer for the past 20+ years, and have always worked in Graphic Design, as an Illustrator, a Fine Arts Painter, plus a Creator of Art Projects, etc.


I like working as a freelancer that is based in a worldwide atmosphere, because I grew up with my grandparents living around the corner and I was very close with them, they partially raised me. This side of my family was from East-End London and they owned and operated a Hosiery and Draper's business, (see photos below) and lived on Church St which became Fournier St, in Spitalfield London. This side of my family are Lithuanian Jews. My grandfather always worked from London, to where we lived in Hermosa Bch./ Manhattan Bch, CA, selling the products his family made in the UK across the USA. In fact, I won best dressed in school growing up because Pandora which originated by our relatives in London used to have a showroom in Los Angeles and my mother would take me there too and I had a huge to die for wardrobe that teacher's would call my mother into school about and ask, "Where did Amy get these clothes?" I enjoy working for people nationwide and worldwide like my most loved grandfather. 


I specialize in Design and Layout, plus as an illustrator, whom went to Advertising Design and Graphic Design school.

Growing up with my grandma and grandpa Kaufman was wonderful, grandma cooked the best food and we had sit down dinners always. I went to my grandparent's house daily or they phoned me all of the years of my life daily.

They prayed regularly, everyday and washing hands, lighting candles, going through doorways etc., grandma especially spent at least 1 hour a day or more, on her religious studies and then prayers. Grandma would teach me as I grew older and she would tell me all of the families stories. When grandpa passed away I took care of my grandma Kaufman and did her grocery shopping once a week or more, took her to the bank, her doctors appointment, plus shopping at Dept. stores and I helped her in her home and called her everyday as soon as she woke up and by nightfall or went to her house. I did not let her live in a nursing home ever and took care of her until she passed away when I was married already for 7 years. Grandma got to hold my 1st born son and would love my sons and daughter. I named my daughter after grandma and her favorite sister. Now I live just like grandma and grandpa and love to think I am her now and him mixed, I hope to say everything she did to me, to my grandchildren and more.

Sincerely, Amy Koch Johnson

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