This stream of graphics below are paintings of Keanu the Actor/ Movie Star but I changed his face a bit on one of the paintings and yet painted him from many of his Movie Covers which are Constantine, the Matrix and more. In an afterthought I also want to let you know that I painted Nicole Kidman the Movie Star with Keanu in my own imaginary Mystery Thriller Movie. I personally like Nicole Kidman and Keanu in their mystery movies, they were all so good, yet they have never teamed up in a movie yet and they would be a good duo. People-Onlookers who watched me paint Nicole and Keanu all said to me that Nicole Kidman is Queen of Australia to them Down Under, they love her in that country so much. I was invited to visit and all kinds of things by her fans, because her fans loved to see her painted that much!


I decided to feature Keanu on my portfolio because I grew up with Don Ho as my favorite singer, musician and I always completed projects in school on the Mainland about Don Ho and his music for my entire class over the years. Now Keanu is another favorite because he is part Hawaiian with a Hawaiian name and of course I wrote above that I enjoy his acting, he is so great! I made sure when I painted in Hollywood and was paid to do so that I include Keanu because this is the Hawaiian way and their heritage. 

Keanu's name's meaning is the same meaning of where my mother lives in her 200 year old Hawaiian home in a mountainous area of Hawaii. One of the paintings I completed of Keanu I named Keanu in the Fog and I posted an interesting video, (which I will keep checking to make sure it is there) about a Foggy area of an island in Hawaii and a special Hawaiian Dance to make Rain - that a group of Hawaiian dancers complete regularly. You can check it out on my Family Blog page.

I made his wings behind him like the movie poster, but after I found out I was part Sioux Indian, I made his feather the way I did below to make his feathers a bit Indian looking and to take away the angel look, I do not like people as angels in paintings and so this is my preference.

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