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I have been working full-time as a freelancer for the past 10 years and 95% of my jobs have been in Publishing for print and digital publications. The tasks I perform for my clients are as follows:

  1. I review my clients project and go over their project with them. We discuss their goals, publishing plans, trim size, cover ideas, illustration/graphic style choices, layout choices and the copyrights about their project. Then the parameters of the job’s laid out.

  2. I then create a legal document that’s signed and delivered to my client for them to review.  I have them let me know what they want changed in the document. After the legal documents are finalized, we all get a copy.

  3. Then I start creating the graphics in the style the client prefers, or I digitize the art they supply me with, or find royalty free images that fit their text. I share with them what I am doing and revise what they want revised.

  4. After the graphics for their project have completely been approved by the client, I start copyediting the copy/story/text and send them a copyedited version of their text to review, change and go over. I supply backup information for my client to review, due to any copyediting choices that I made, that they are unsure about. When it comes to copyediting my client’s choices about the text of their publication is the final choice and I do not have an opinion about that, I agree with them. The clients always feel comfortable about their final grammar and editing choices.

  5. After the copy/text of the project is completely approved, I ask the client to supply additional pages that go inside of their publication, like an author’s page, etc. I start laying out their publication and give my clients layout choices 85% of the time, so I layout pages in various styles for them to pick from.

  6. Then I further consult with my client about the making of their publication covers, front and back. Plus make from 4 to 7 cover choices to pick from within what they envision.  And give them my expertise on what cover I think is best suited for their cover choice. I ask the clients to write copy for buyers to read about their publication, to place on the back cover and sometimes the front covers. Sometimes if needed I help copyedit the publication cover text.

  7. Then I format the publication for print publishing, hard and paperback covers and for digital, ePublishing.

  8. Then deliver the publication and their covers to the client. The client reviews their publication and covers formatted and I revise anything at this point that they see is needed. Now the publication is ready for publishing.

  9. 85% of the time I help my clients upload their publications onto their publishing platform that they picked. I go into their accounts and upload everything and fill everything out for them that I can. The client lets their publishing company know my name and email address and that I am going into their account to help them publish their publication. Then their publication is approved by their publisher. And the job is complete, but my clients return to ask me to work with them on another publication many times.

  10. Successes clients have conveyed to me which are publications that I illustrated, laid out, formatted, plus created the covers for are: 1. Several of the publications have reached a bestsellers list in their category, for a time. 2. Have had Barnes & Noble, INC. the bestseller’s bookstore sell their publications in-house, at their stores and on their shelves. 3. Barnes & Noble bookstore requested that one of my self-published authors read their books and have a book signing inside of a Barnes and Noble store location. 4. Many of my clients have book signings, join and sell at bookfairs and perform readings at various shops. Some of them tell me that they sell out every book that they have on them to sell. 5. These publications sell in many types of store location, gift shops, drug stores, specialty stores, resort locations, hotel shops, cruise ship boutiques and bookstores. 6. Some have managed to have their publications distributed throughout a school district, as educational books the teachers supply to the students at a certain grade level. 7. My clients tell me their earnings have increase and some receive 4,000.00 a month in earnings from their publication sales. 8. Clients have reported that people in other countries other than theirs just start buying their books online once their sales increased. 9. I have worked repeatedly creating publications for the same employer in other countries outside of the USA, that are United Kingdom, Australia and Honduras.

Some of the publications I work on are novels (adult and children, and teen), self-help, health and health related, science, children’s picture books, journals, poetry, cookbooks, animal publications and more.

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