My dad Bob Johnson who went to school and got his Master's Degree in Art in San Francisco, taught me a lot about all the art techniques he learned since I was young. My dad was an Art Teacher his entire life as his profession and is retired now. He named me my nickname and it is a Sioux Indian nickname because my dad's father's mother was Sioux Indian and her mother was Sioux Indian and her mother's mother was Sioux Indian etc. My dad's Sioux Indian grandma who was born a twin; Nita, and her twin was Niles; knew the Sioux Indian ways because her mother and grandmother taught their ways. Nita was a wonderful mother and grandmother who married a Danish man with the last name of Johnsen (which he legally changed in the Navy to Johnson). My dad's Portuguese Hawaiian mother, my grandma Mary unfortunately passed away when my dad was 2 years old while she was living with her Sioux Indian mother-in-law and her husband was out to sea in the Navy. My dad was raised after that by his Sioux Indian grandma Nita until she passed away. I am my dad's only daughter and my dad is part Indian and Danish and Portuguese Hawaiian but he is exactly like John Two-Hawks to me and a surfer, (water dog he calls them). They are the same type of Indian and they look alike and have the same mannerisms and they have the same taste in art; it is uncanny and astounding to me their alikeness. My dad has been married to my step-mother who he calls Lorna Doone for over 50 years now. Everyone loves my dad Bob Johnson his whole life and now because he is a very cool man who is very good and his neighbors remark that there is no man like him, he is so great and so I am thrilled to find John Two Hawks who is like my dad and plays my favorite music and instrument.                 ~Sincerely, Amy Koch Johnson

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