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I, Amy Koch Johnson took the English Grammar/Vocabulary test at CAMBRIDGE ASSESSMENT ENGLISH and the results were sent to my email and posted to me immediately. I was an Honor's student in a Community College at Los Angeles Harbor College. I also was in the Mentally Gifted Minds Program in Grade School at Valley Vista High School in Hermosa Beach, California.

I took an additional test on another website that tested me to be at the C1 Level which is good because each level has different skills. At the C1 level people are good teachers and able to speak and write to a larger audience than at the C2 Level. But at the C2 Level I am allowed to be paid for my services and should be highly respected when it comes to English Literature, Writing Content, and Grammar, Vocabulary and Punctuation.

Here is the test I took where I was a C1 in Grammar and this test is through Grammaring which most likely another valuable resource for me to prove to you my abilities.

I was tested in the Career Center at Los Angeles Harbor College for my vocational skills because I wanted to be a Nurse and not in the honor's program even though I accepted the invitation to be more than a full time student in the honor's program. My vocational skills are in the Arts, English and Psychology.

The whole time I was an honor's student I thought about the mother and father who raised me. I do not want to sound sentimental or corny, but they were very unusual people I thought and how they raised children was not like other children were raised and I thought this all of my life. I decided to research these parents' culture and analyze them and break down their ways verses other ways of the peers' parents that I knew in school. I found out that I had a Japanese upbringing because the father who raised me has/had a 100% pure Japanese mother and my mother did every single thing her husband wanted her to do and be like, so our father was Head of the Household still and my mother did not rule to roost, I learned. I think the women do rule to roost more nowadays. And my parents that raised me are Stephen David Esau Kekuewa and Constance Koch Kekuewa. My mother named me after her father's mother who was born and raised in Hawaii. I am not sure what nationality my mother's grandmother I was named after was, but my mother is most like her father's mother. 

Sincerely, Amy Koch Johnson
PS: If any of my words are misconstrued above a hacker is to blame and I will fix it soon. Thanks for understanding ahead of time.


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