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Green landscape with mountains in the background

                                 Cool Breeze


My true love waits at the shores of golden plains............. so cool


The hill's wings wisp into a soft summer breeze............ so cool               


The melody in our hearts are one                            

as the birds chirp they sing the song of love           

as waves crash upon the shore .................... so cool                


The flocks in the meadows know of love that lives eternally within our beings

They whisper and coo to the sounds of echos seldom heard of ancient past voices murmuring in the woods of darkness              

Hello! I scream in the wilderness 

Only receiving a slanted stare of fury!


Hush the call of the love that melts the summer's rain and whispers soft velvet into the night              

Even the Nightingale's sing........... so cool                 


The bees gather from the source inside the heart of all that is beautiful       

they work hard to make the overflow of labor                         

to feed this earth 

In love.........

Dedicated to the Big Sioux Nation Camps and to the women, men and people who

to this day, KNOW everything thing that Grows in nature (it seems) and what we

CAN and CANNOT eat on a farm or in the wild, from anywhere in nature, who

I ADMIRE: and I am going to buy ALL of your BOOKS sold and I know who

you are and I will find more of you in your written words! You are my inspirations!!


In the Memory of these people LIKE YOU: the Camps, Sweets, Zellers,

esp. Cheyenne Sweet (who was a remarkable grandmother and noted to

this day and Melvina Camp's 1st born daughter) who had Ida May, Wilbur Ray

(who grew an Apple Orchard) and Willis (his twin), Clarinda Bear, plus Cinda, 

who had Nita Fay and Niles (twins). And to Nita Fay Zeller Johnson (who still knew 

everything (almost maybe), growing in nature from her mother and

grandmother's education and is a remarkable grandmother to this day!),

that went down to the Camp family in New York.


by Amy Esmeralda, Pooh Bear Dog

* "May the Bear Never Lay To Rest!"


Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Branding, Fine Arts, Page Layout, Formatting
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