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Male Lions

  My Children and the Lion's Roar



When I see the lion roar,                          

I see you in my mind,                 

for then my heart for it does soar,                    

because you're always mine!                


For when I look into your eyes,                   

my heart and soul are free.              

For when I look inside your heart,                    

I know we're meant to be.               


For when I see your shining eyes,                   

I see mine there instead.              

When I look inside your heart,

I dance inside my head.


When I see the lion roar,

I see your soul in mine.

For in our hearts the love does pour,                  

for we are intertwined.                


The fragrance of Roses cannot tell,                        

of the love of you (all) and me.......                   

The bees of earth cannot lie,                           

for we will always be......


The Evergreens chant a tale of love of me and you, 

for in our souls we are inclined to love like seldom do.

In the tales always told,                         

of mothers and their children that are few,               there we live, as we grow old,                        

as family and friends too!

I love you my beautiful children

through and through!

                                Love, Mom,

                               Amy Koch Johnson


*** This is also Dedicated to the Authors who write stories to help everyone, entertain them, for learning; and write while reflecting on their families that they grew up with, or live with now! 







In hope that we
can ALL LOVE Reading!

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