Donald M. Hales,

Hermosa Beach, Calif.



1 June 2010.

To Whom It May Concern,


This letter will introduce a long-time friend of mine Amy Koch Johnson. I had first met her as a neighbor when she was living on 8th Place in Hermosa Beach. At that time, she was a mother, raising he first son and liked the neighborhood as it was peaceful, quiet, drug-and-alcohol free, with no wild parties. As a neighbor she fit in well, because everyone looked out for each other which is something you don’t see in many people’s character today. She was well liked by all and when she moved out, it was as if part of the neighborhood moved out with her.


Amy is a highly motivated individual, willing to take on challenges and projects that most wouldn’t in today’s society. She is very well educated and was a Mensa honors student. Unlike most who have grown up in the South Bay culture/society, she never succumbed to peer pressure into smoking either cigarettes/marijuana, alcohol and/or drugs. She believed it would cloud her brain and wouldn’t be able to fully express herself in her life, art and hobbies. While she is a very private person, she has a very congenial and outgoing personality. As a mother to her children she has instilled in all of them good clean habits and integrity of character.


As a neighbor I have enjoyed her friendship and talking with her - not only for her education, but her ability to discuss a wide range of subjects and topics. As for myself, I was raised locally, and have traveled widely throughout the world. When I would return, we would frequently get together and discuss that part of the world, its people, politics and religion.


She is and has been a good long-time friend and I would warmly welcome her back as a neighbor; as there are very few people today with that high a caliber of integrity in her work and deeds.


Amy makes herself available when time permits outside her family and work to those that are inquisitive enough to ask more.


Sincerely Yours,

Donald M. Hales



Donald M Hales  Anthropologist UCLA -