Amy Koch Johnson's Client reviews


Very fast and efficient. Great communication, she met and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her, she is a great artist and I will definitely use her again.


WOW WOW WOW, pretty much sums it up! Amy was fantastic in all areas. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is a top notch artist!! Very very pleased!!


Wonderful designs and very prompt. It was a pleasure doing business with you again! Thanks so much!


Beautiful work once again. Thank you so much for your help on this project!


Amy is very talented and enthusiastic! Give her a try --you won't regret it.


Amy was excellent to work with. She stayed in continual communication and made any requested change (s) until the project was approved. She had the project completed in the required time. She has the technical skills to set up her art work in the proper format so when she sent the project to me it was ready for immediate publishing. 

$2,050.00 paid on Nov 18, 2011 (ID: 438139)
Book Covers-Front & Back


Beautiful designs again. I really enjoy working with you and continue to look forward to our future projects together! Thanks!

Ben Berglund

Great vendor to work with. Excellent work. Easy to communicate with. Produced creative work as per schedule. I highly recommend her to other employers.


I just finished a project with Amy and I have to say she was the best. If you want someone who leaves tons of feedback to walk you through everything and who delivers everything you want, then Amy is the right person for you. I will definitely work with her again in the future.


Amy was great to work with, very good at getting back with me, and finding out what I was looking for in my design. Thanks, Bill


Mayart's work was excellent and her imagination was right on target with my own. Her color ideas (and others) were superb and I hope to work with her again soon! -AMB, LA (M. Ed) 


If I could give 10 stars, I would. Amy has been wonderful - very talented, devoted to the work, creative and so, so timely.

$1550.00 paid \ (ID: 471403)
A Cowboy's Day on the Range



Amy completed the project in such a timely fashion! Her talent and ability to create a character that looked so much like my late husband are beyond description ad expectation! Amy communicated with me on a constant basis. Her creativity and technical skill were both awesome!! Again, if I could give 10 stars, I would.

$1425.00 paid on  (ID: 466428)
A Cowboy's Day on the Range

Lou Poisson

Amy is a superb artist, and more than that, she worked with me to develop an image true to my vision. Her vast experience and talent combines to make her a valuable partner. I will definitely work with Amy again. 

$2500.00 paid  (ID: 474822)

Lou Poisson

Amy elevated my original ideal to a magical level. I absolutely love my artwork.

$420.00 paid on  (ID: 480809)


An Exceptional Artist and mucho pleasure to work with...Amy understands me as a client and provides work accordingly....her skills are not fully reflective in her posted portfolio....she is much much better....


The moment I saw Amy's portfolio, I knew there was something special about her art. As we started to work on this project together, I found out that she was also a very special person. When I saw the quality of the initial sketches, I was blown away by her talent. Amy is amazing! 

$1750.00 paid on  (ID: 475159)
Children's Picture Book


As we moved on from the sketch stage to the painting stage, Amy's friendly and accommodating attitude made for a comfortable and cooperative rapport. She was keenly sensitive to my needs and was available to talk about the project on a regular basis. Her enthusiasm and passion made her a joy to work with! 

$1931.00 paid on  (ID: 479310)
Children's Picture Book


After Amy completed all the paintings for the cover, back, and interior illustrations, it was clear I'd made the right choice in an artist for my book. She's extremely talented and versatile, computer savvy, familiar with guru, consistent in her quality, and disciplined...delivering all materials when she said she would. Amy's experience and expertise are things you can rely on.

$1850.00 paid (ID: 485106)
Children's Picture Book


Amy went above and beyond to please me. I just love everything she did, especially the cover...and all the angels! Not only am I thankful to have found Amy to illustrate my book, but also I'm happy to have made a new friend. I highly recommend her for children's book illustration or any other art project you may have. As I said before, Amy is amazing! Thank you, Amy, for helping to make my dream come true! :) 

$2550.00 paid  (ID: 485840)
Children's Picture Book


I requested a painting of a restaurant exterior for a wedding gift and Amy replied with a competitive and interesting proposal. Not knowing much about art or this site, she walked me through the types of paper and paints as well as how to go through the steps on Guru and made me feel comfortable with proceeding. She set a timetable and got started promptly. She sent photos of the work as she progressed and asked for feedback or changes. When things were complete, she asked for final sign off and then shipped the artwork in a well-wrapped package. Then she checked in to make sure I had received it as was happy. Will definitely recommend Amy for any projects of this type. 

$1200.00 paid  (ID: 494642)
Boston Restaurant sketch/painting


I am amazed at the quality an care if Amy's work. I was extremely pleased with the service and care she too in completing my work. She is the greatest! I have no reservations in recommending her. If you need feedback, please email me at What a great and caring person she is! Show Less

$2,000.00 paid  (ID: 500147)
The Best Hug Ever- Children's Picture Book


I am amazed at the quality an care if Amy's work. I was extremley pleased with the service and care she did in completing my work. She is the greatest! I have no reservations in recommending her. If you need feedback, please email me at What a great and caring person she is! Show Less

$500.00 paid  (ID: 494387)
The Best Hug Ever


Amy did some extra work I requested, and as always, delivered outstanding quality and service. She is very professional and honest. I highly recommend her for any person needing art work completed. 

$380.00 paid (ID: 502520)
The Best Hug Ever


Just and outstanding artist.....a pleasure to work with, She always meets deadlines and always does extra work and provides suggestions. Just a great person. 

$100.00 paid  (ID: 499254)
The Best Hug Ever


Wonderful artist, wonderful person....Amy is better than best to work with....A++++++++


Enthusiastic and easy to work with.


Great Work.


Amy is a true artist. She took my project and turned it into a work of art. I reviewed the work of several freelancers and kept coming back to Amy. Amy was able to take my pictures and my verbal instruction and recreate what I had in my mind as I first imagined the finished product. Amy was in constant communication throughout the whole process. I was very comfortable with Amy and will continue to work with her in the future if the need arises.



Amy ships and delivers an amazing painting my wife and daughters will cherish for a lifetime.


I am thrilled with Amy's work. She communicated with me before she started, and every step of the way, and what she created went above and beyond my hopes for the fictional town map I needed for my novel series. Amy made sure she had all the details correct, and her enthusiasm and talent made the outcome gorgeous. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Maternal Manager

Amy is doing a beautiful job on my children's book. She goes above and beyond. It's heartwarming that she is as emotionally vested in the project as I am.

Maternal Manager

Amy did a fabulous job on my children's book. She communicated well through out the project and is a perfectionist when it comes to her work. Her creativity is endless. 


Great to work with - beautiful work!


Amy is simply an amazing artist. Her technical skill and attention to detail is off the charts. I found her communication to be easy, comfortable and she really understood what I was looking for in my illustrations. The project was delivered in a timely fashion and she employed a great deal of her creativity and imagination in the process. She brought many ideas to my attention and provided me with direction. I will choose Amy again without hesitation for my next book. Thanks Amy Terry 


Thank you for a wonderful job Amy. You are very skilled at what you do. The book is wonderful.

Ironheart Koa

Amy's artwork is simply amazing! The illustrations are vibrant, warm, happy, clear, and fun--all of the qualities that I had hoped to capture in the pages of my children's book. The quality of her work absolutely exceeded my expectations and made this special project such a terrific overall experience. Amy is a delight to work with, experienced, professional, very easy to communicate with, and is a perfectionist! I am so pleased with the illustrations that she has created for my children's book and am fortunate to have been able to collaborate with Amy on this very important project. I look forward to collaborating with Amy on a future book project.

Ironheart Koa

Amy completed my children's book project a week ahead of schedule. She was efficient and her artwork was simply outstanding. I appreciate her guidance throughout the process and creative/artistic expertise.


I have worked with Amy for many months and she provides consistently high quality work.


Amy always strives to do her best and has put on high quality work every time which is admirable.

Meals on Heels

Amy did an excellent job for us. Art work was perfect! She's very quick, yet thorough and attentive to details. We will definitely use her again if the need arises and I would highly recommend her.


Amy is very professional, thorough, and timely. I loved the artwork she created for my project. Thank you for all your hard work.


She Rocks...The End!!!

Golis Publishing

Amy has done such a fabulous job for illustrating my children's book. She was very patient and persistent to improve all changes requested. I will highly recommend her for painting.

Golis Publishing

Amy Illustrated my children's Book and she did a wonderful job. She was very patient and willing to change images when needed. I would highly recommend her service. 


Amy has done a great job keeping the communication lines open, She met my expectations in creating the artwork that I needed.

J Yue 2

Amy did an amazing job on my request - she was very thorough and did the work very quickly too!!!! :)


Amy Koch Johnson is a talented artist who is enthusiastic about her art, committed, professional and who truly strives to excel in every little detail of her work. I am blessed to have known her and would love from now on, to continue working with her. I highly recommend her. 


Working with Amy has been a joy on many levels. I have loved every one of Amy's art pieces so much that what started as one little book cover extended into multiple projects. She understood my vision from the get go, and most importantly caught enthusiasm for my projects. Thank you for your talent and spirit Amy.

Richard 66

Amy is a very creative, highly talented design artist. Her work ethic, follow through, and communication skills are outstanding. She is personable, flexible, and the consummate professional. I will use her on my next book. Rich Grimes - Author

Mario 19

My book was designed and laid out by Amy and I couldn’t have asked for a more talented, patient, professional person to bring my story to life. She was very timely with my project and always kept in contact with me throughout every step of this project. She did an absolutely amazing job on the sketches for the book and after seeing the finished illustrations I could tell that everything was precisely as I had it in the story. She spent countless hours on the phone with me making sure every page inside of my book was structured precisely the way I wanted them. From start to end I could really see that she cared as much about my project as I did.

Thom 5

Amy illustrated my children’s book, ‘Hannah Gets a Fuzzy Pet’. I chose her because of the samples which I saw in her portfolio. I provided her with a manuscript and a written description of the illustrations. I left to her to use her creativity in translating those descriptions into illustrations. The results were better than I would have ever imagined they could be. She added several creative touches to the illustrations that I hadn't thought of and those contributions to the project added significantly to the quality of the final product. Initially, when I hired her for the job, there were several unanswered questions in my mind about style, target group, layout, etc. and in conversations with Amy, all these issues were resolved. This was a completely new endeavor for me and so I was pleased to know that Amy was also familiar with the process of uploading the book to Kindle and Amazon. After making the illustrations, she laid out the book, uploaded it, and guided me through the process required by Amazon and Kindle to make the book available for purchase. She also provided me with a ton of ideas for marketing the book. Amy was not just an illustrator, but also a guru in the true sense of the word. She is really committed to the success of the author. I plan to make a series out of the book I just published, and I will be hiring Amy to make the illustrations for those books too. 


Amy did the layout and design for our children's book, and it came out so beautifully. She has a good eye for what will look the best, and her guidance throughout the publishing process has been priceless. We have already started our 2nd book with her and we plan to have her to the layout/design again--she does a fantastic job!!

Bence 4

I believe I chose the right person for the job I needed to have done. Amy was very patient with me and took the time to explain what she was doing. I appreciated her knowledge about the publishing process. My book would not have come to fruition if it had not been for her expertise. I highly recommend Amy.

Emily 167

Amy is a great Illustrator who created the Illustrations for all 3 of my Children's books. When I did the first one, I knew that if I went back and did more that I would reach out to Amy. She does a great job of understanding my vision and making it look amazing for readers! I would highly recommend Amy for your Illustration needs, and am very happy that I found her here on guru!